EXCLUSIVE: Elenora Mandragora: Daughter of Merlin

Story by
Art by
Thomas Labourot
Colors by
Grelin, Thomas Labourot
Letters by
Ron Estevez
Cover by
IDW Publishing

A lyrical fantasy graphic novel for all ages as quirky as Roald Dahl, as whimsical as Disney, and as beautiful as Miyazaki. In a quiet forest the young Elenora follows the teaching of her father, Merlin the wizard. Unexpectedly though, he is killed by the horrible shriek of a mandrake root–though his ghost will not rest. But with the help of Elenora, Merlin's ghost won't stay dead for long, and the forest will never be the same.

  • Writer Gauthier is passionate about children's literature and is influenced by authors such as Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstein.
  • Illustrator Labourot's illustrations feature expressive characters, beautiful scenery, festive colors and lots of little details or humorous background scenes.
  • Advance solicited for November release!

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