EXCLUSIVE: "Earth 2" #4 Cover Introduces Hawkgirl

Last week saw the debut of James Robinson and Nicola Scott's highly-anticipated "Earth 2," part of DC Comics' Second Wave of New 52 titles. In it, three of the titular other-dimensional Earth's biggest and most iconic heroes -- Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman -- fell in battle with Apokalips, while Robin and Supergirl -- the daughter of Batman and cousin of Superman -- disappeared through what appeared to be some sort of boom tube. While readers know the super-powered sidekicks were transported to Earth Prime where they took up the identities of Power Girl and the Huntress, citizens of Earth 2 believe them all dead and will soon witness the debut of a number of new heroes in the wake of their tragic loss.

The covers to "Earth 2" #2 and #3 have revealed two of these heroes already in Jay Garrick's Flash and Alan Scott's Green Lantern. While many fans were expecting the third hero to be Al Pratt's Atom (Pratt was in the first issue, as were Scott and Garrick), in CBR's exclusive debut of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado's cover for "Earth 2" #4, the world is introduced to a character whose New 52 Earth Prime counterpart has yet to surface: Hawkgirl.

"I'm excited for readers to see this new Earth 2 version of Hawkgirl," Robinson told CBR. "As the co-creator of the original Kendra Saunders, I've taken pains to keep the essence of her personality while adding a more two-fisted quality to her as well. I'm also enjoying developing another aspect to her, in that with the absence of Batman, she must also step up and become the great detective of Earth 2. I hope readers will enjoy watching her find her place in this new world as a part of this new team of heroes."

"Earth 2" #4 featuring the debut of Hawkgirl hits stores in July.

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