EXCLUSIVE: DST Gets "Invincible" With New Minimates, Statue

The pages of Robert Kirkman and company's Image Comics/Skybound series "Invincible" may itself be in a constant state of expansion (and bloodshed!) as the writer reveals new heroes and villains in almost every monthly issue. But soon, the Invincible Universe will be expanding into our world.

This fall, Diamond Select Toys will debut a number of products inspired by the "Invincible" comic starting with a four-pack of Minimates based on series lead Mark Grayson, Omni-Man, Atom Eve and Allen the Alien. CBR News got an exclusive first look at the designs for the figures as well as the picture of their final form.

The "Invincible" creator and writer said, "I think fans of the Invincible books will be excited to see these figures in stores" as DST also shared their prototypes for the incoming Atom Eve statue that will be part of their Femme Fatales line this fall. The series already includes comic heroines like Dawn, Kabuki and Lady Death, but an addition from "Invincible" brings a little superhero flair to the proceedings.

Both Minimates and Femme Fatale statute will be available this fall.

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