EXCLUSIVE: Drax, Ant-Man Head to South Beach in "Guardians Team-Up" #7

One of the big hooks for Marvel's ongoing "Guardians Team-Up" series is the opportunity to see different creative teams tackle some of the biggest characters in the Marvel Universe. So far, Brian Michael Bendis, Art Adams, Sam Humphries and Mike Mayhew have paired the galactic defenders with some of Earth's finest heroes, with John Layman, Bill Willingham and more slated to place their mark on the series in the coming months.

Today, CBR News has the exclusive announcement of the next team to take the reins of the cosmic title, as co-writers Paul Scheer, Nick Giovannetti -- who made their Marvel debut with the Brute Force co-starring "Deadpool Bi-Annual" -- and artist Shawn Crystal pair Drax and Ant-Man for some quality bonding time in the latter hero's current stomping grounds of Florida.

"Paul and Nick nailed Deadpool, and it was that same flair for the ridiculous that I was looking to bring to Guardians Team-Up,'" series editor Katie Kubert told CBR News. "The fun thing about the Guardians team is that they can just as easily tell a heart-wrenching story as a goofy one, and with Shawn Crystal's imagination running full speed on this one, you're all in for a wild ride. Get ready for the insanity of Drax and Ant-Man teaming up to prove that size doesn't matter."

"Guardians Team-Up" #7 is slated to arrive in stores July 1, 2015.





DRAX is taking his talents to South Beach, the home of pastel suits, chainsaws*, and ANT-MAN.

When a murderous alien ends up in Miami, it's up to an unlikely duo of Ant-Man and Drax to stop him, that is of course if they can stop bickering with each other long enough. They're Lethal Weapons who are Running Scared and they have 48 Hours to save the day before the Hot Fuzz come and replace them with The Other Guys.

PAUL SCHEER (The League and Fresh off the Boat) and NICK GIOVANNETTI, a.k.a the guys who resurrected BRUTE FORCE in DEADPOOL: BI-ANNUAL and gave you [REDACTED] in DEADPOOL #250, TEAM-UP again to take Drax and Ant-Man for spin in GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #7.

*Oh yes there will be chainsaws!

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