EXCLUSIVE: Detective Comics #1006 Welcomes the Spectre Back to Gotham City

Detective Comics #1006 finds another of DC's heroes protecting the streets of Gotham, as Detective Jim Corrigan and his Spirit of Vengeance, the Spectre, find themselves embroiled in a mystery in Batman's city.

Though he was briefly reveals to be part of the DC Universe since it was rebooted in 2011's New 52 line-wide relaunch, the Spectre has been missing from the publisher's titles for much of the last eight years. Now, Peter J. Tomasi and Kyle Hotz bring the biblical hero back in a big way, though whether he truly has it out for the Dark Knight as the issue's cover indicates remains to be seen.

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Check out our preview of Detective Comics #0116, by Peter Tomasi and Kyle Hotz, below. The issue arrives in stores Wednesday, June 26.

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  • written by PETER J. TOMASI
  • art and cover by KYLE HOTZ
  • variant cover by DAN QUINTANA
  • Detective Jim Corrigan has been shot on the streets of Gotham City—and the Spectre must reach out to Batman to help him find the secret assassin!
  • ON SALE 06.26.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T
  • This issue will ship with two covers.

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