Exclusive | DeConnick adapts 'Barbarella' for Humanoids

Humanoids Inc. has big plans for 2014. In addition to releasing The Incal material never before published in the United States, the company will debut a new edition of the racy Barbarella adapted by Captain Marvel and Pretty Deadly writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

That book will be joined by a trio of other releases to make the coming year a standout for the publisher; ROBOT 6 has an exclusive preview of the upcoming titles.

For the uninitiated, Barbarella was a popular science fiction comic strip by Jean-Claude Forest that debuted in 1962, when it played a significant role in the sexual revolution of the era. It was adapted into the cult-classic movie starring Jane Fonda, and is reportedly in development as a television series.

Using a previously existing translation, DeConnick will update the script for a modern sensibility, and gear it closer to the provocative tone of the original version.

The new year will also give us a prequel to The Metabarons, the classic series created by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius. Jodorowsky is joined by Das Pastoras (Deadpool, Wolverine) for Metabarons Genesis: Castaka starting in March.

The line-up is filled out with two promising new titles for U.S. readers: Sam Timel and Corentin's Milan K is a political thriller series in the spirit of The Bourne Identity; and Christian Durieux brings the lighthearted Benito Mambo, a magical tale about a kid who just wants to dance.

Read on for the full details and an exclusive look at the art:



Coming in 2014 is a new edition of Barbarella, the cult classic by Jean-Claude Forest, adapted for the English language by Kelly Sue DeConnick (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel, Ghost).


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Milan K: Part One: The Teenage Years

January 2014

"Some say it's like seeing Bill Gates turn into Che Guevara... But it ain't that simple. Let me explain how it all began..." -- Sam Timel

Son of a Russian oligarch, he was born rich and was enrolled in one of the most exclusive boarding schools on the planet, when he abruptly lost everything. With his family murdered, and his wealth stolen by the Russian powers that be, he was left with nothing but the knowledge that escape was his only choice. Now, after hiding for years in the L.A. suburbs, his real identity is uncovered, and his past becomes a threat to his present ... To survive and fight back, he will become Milan K.

An action thriller, for fans of the Bourne Identity series.

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Metabarons Genesis: Castaka

March 2014

There was Before the Incal, and now there is "Before" The Metabarons.

From legendary creator Alexandro Jodorowsky and artist Das Pastoras (Marvel’s Deadpool, Wolverine, upcoming Thor) comes the tale of Dayal de Castaka, here for all of those who dreamt of a sequel to The Metabarons.

The Metabarons dealt with the extraordinary saga of the genealogy of the galaxy’s ultimate warrior. But his ancestors also had ancestors. And far from being noble warriors with an inflexible code, one will discover they were in fact disloyal and lawless pirates born out of brutality and war.

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Benito Mambo

April 2014

Benito is a little boy who dreams of becoming a mambo dancer. His outraged millionaire father forbids Benito’s dancing destiny and exiles him from the family home. On the fantastical journey that follows, young Benito will meet a host of quirky characters, and traverse the globe. He will eventually reach the magical Kingdom of Matamore where love awaits him...

A whimsical, colorful (both literally and figuratively) fable that will appeal to fans of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous The Little Prince, and Archaia’s Return of the Dapper Men.

Presented in a deluxe oversized edition with cloth spine.

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