EXCLUSIVE: December Variants for "Harley Quinn," "Batgirl," "Justice League United"

Winter is coming, and what better time for things like Harley Quinn "celebrating" New Year's Eve, Batgirl taking a leap and Green Arrow and Animal Man sharing some bro time. That's what's happening in these three newly released variant covers from DC Comics, seen first exclusively on CBR.

The "Harley Quinn Holiday Special" #1 New Year's Eve variant -- the main cover is Christmas-themed -- is by regular series co-writer Amanda Conner; the "Batgirl" #36 1:25 variant is by Bengal, who illustrated "Naja," released domestically by Magnetic Press; and the "Justice League United" #7 1:25 variant is by Rod Reis, noted colorist and artist of Image Comics series "C.O.W.L." All three issues are scheduled for release on Dec. 10.

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