EXCLUSIVE: "Death of Archie" Sells Out, Second Printing Announced

This week's highly publicized Archie Comics story may as well be called "the shot heard 'round the world" for the way the latest major character death is capturing the attention of the mainstream media.

But after only a few hours on sale, "Life With Archie" #36 -- containing the "Death of Archie" story -- has sold out at the distributor level. Now, CBR News has word that the issue is heading back to press presents an exclusive first look at the cover for the incoming second printing, a recolored version of the original cover that focuses more sharply on the fallen hero.

In an upcoming interview with CBR, artist Pat Kennedy describes the process of how he and the Archie team shaped the moment of truth for Riverdale's favorite son. "The moment of the shooting was originally a four-panel page in silhouette. But, correctly, [Editor-in-Chief] Victor Gorelick and [CEO] Jon Goldwater wanted the moment to be bigger and more important, so we converted to full splash," he said. "It was an interesting and challenging experience."

Stay tuned for CBR's full feature on "The Death of Archie" and more from the publisher as we get closer to San Diego Comic-Con!

Official Press Release

Today, history is made as legendary comic book character Archie Andrews dies protecting his friend, Kevin Keller, from an assassin's bullet. The story the entire world has been discussing this week is finally a reality.

LIFE WITH ARCHIE magazine #36 - on sale today in comic shops, digitally, bookstores, newsstands and ArchieComics.com - has already been met by a resounding wave of positive reviews, worldwide press attention and fan discussion. Archie Comics can now confirm that the issue is already sold out at the comic shop distributor level, and a second printing of the acclaimed and already bestselling issue has been fast-tracked by the publisher, with a new cover.

"Today, Archie dies a hero," said Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater. "This day will never come again. This is not a gimmick. This is not a stopgap for a year until we bring him back in LIFE WITH ARCHIE. While he will live on forever as a teenager in the digests and classic stories, his adventures in LIFE WITH ARCHIE end today, and we will remember his bravery, loyalty, friendship and pure heart. I've said this before -Archie represents the best in all of us, and this issue and next week's LIFE WITH ARCHIE #37 amplify and celebrate one of the greatest characters in pop culture history. We'd like to thank the fans, comic shop retailers and everyone who's supported us over the years for helping to make this story an instant hit - critically and sales-wise."

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