EXCLUSIVE: Deadpool 2099 Taking Over "Deadpool" Ongoing Between Main Arcs

After her successful debut in last week's "Deadpool" #6, CBR can exclusively report that Merc from the future, Warda Wilson -- a.k.a. Deadpool 2099 -- will headline Gerry Duggan and Scott Koblish's "Deadpool" ongoing in single-issue stories between the main arcs of the series. The first Deadpool 2099 one-off will be in "Deadpool" #12, out later this year.

"We had a lot of fun with it, and I'm hoping readers will be surprised with how much connective tissue this arc shares with our current ongoing story," Duggan told CBR News of "Deadpool 2099." "There was too much story for just one issue to contain. Too many secrets to reveal, and too many new ideas and characters to introduce... or re-introduce. Deadpool 2099 is a family affair. See you in the future."

Take the very first look at the cover for "Deadpool" #12 and the second-printing variant for issue #6 (due in stores in February) featuring Warda Wilson front and center, along with some of Koblish's sketches and a Li'l Deadpool 2099 sketch by Irene Lee, below:

Here's what Koblish had to say about designing Deadpool 2099:

"I had made a few stabs at design work for the character when I was working on X-Men '92, and was originally going to go with a silver and pink version of the Deadpool costume, only much more roughed up, with bruises and rips and tape and band-aids all over her, but there was a great cover in the summer by Chris Bacalo (where GwenPool came out fully-formed from the brow of Zeus), and that was too close to my thinking so I changed course.

Instead, I played around with the Deadpool symbol, dropping the circle over her shoulders and down over her torso like a poncho (those are the eyes of the logo over her chest, albeit cheated a little to get them down off of her shoulders). The straight red and black looked too static to me, so I played around with some colorful lines on it and came across the idea of the lines being neon/diode turquoise lights, which led me to think those lights ought to be resting within a flexible armor, so I was able to tighten the armor around the form. Interestingly, the shape of her upper torso along with the lit eyes and the neon lines made it look a bit like a kitten's face, so I lifted the shoulders up to make tiny ears."

The next issue of Duggan and Koblish's run, "Deadpool" #7, is an oversized issue celebrating the 25th anniversary of the character, and hits stands on Feb. 10.

CBR Managing Editor Albert Ching contributed to this report.

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