EXCLUSIVE: DC, TMNT & Power Rangers Team with Thomas & Friends


Building on a successful partnership with DC's Super Friend franchise, Thomas & Friends has revealed plans for all-new lines of Mash-Up MINIS to be released in 2017. Joining the likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will be Black Lightning, Swamp Thing, Bumblebee, Vixen and more, as Thomas and his buddies dress as their favorite DC Comics superheroes and villains. Deadshot will even make an appearance, though with a more kiddie-friendly "D-Shot" moniker.

The Mash-Up MINIS line will expand beyond the realm of the DC Universe, as well, with new lines featuring the trains dressed as character from Saban's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

CBR has the exclusive first look at the TMNT and Power Rangers lines, along with the first looks at a number of new DC Super Friends/Thomas & Friends Mash-Up MINIS, along with the full reveal of the MMPR and DC line-ups.

“The new Thomas & Friends MINIS based on famous pop culture teams are a cool way of celebrating legendary, epic friendships,” Mike Pisors, Director of Thomas & Friends Toy Global Brand Marketing, said in a statement. “We love that Thomas & Friends is a leader is showcasing positive friendship role models for young children, and we’re thrilled to combine the brand with other popular franchises such as the DC Super Friends and Power Rangers for kids to collect.”

The Thomas & Friends™ mash-up MINIS are part of a line of small-scale, collectible Thomas & Friends engines. Since the line’s debut in 2015, more than 13 million Minis have been sold worldwide in over 20 countries. The new mash-up MINIS will be available as 4-packs retailing for $6.99 and 9-packs retailing for $14.99 in March 2017 in the U.S. and in select international markets.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Thomas & Friends Mash-Up MINIS arrive in summer 2017.

The Power Rangers characters to me mashed up with Thomas and his pals arrives in stores this month and includes the following:

  • Blue Ranger/Thomas
  • Black Ranger/Hiro
  • Pink Ranger/Rosie
  • Goldar/Victor
  • Red Ranger/James
  • Green Ranger/Percy
  • Yellow Ranger/Emily
  • White Ranger/Stanley
  • Alpha 5/Diesel
  • Rita Repulsa/Belle
  • Finster/Salty
  • Putty Patroller/Gordon
  • Lord Zedd/D-10

The expanded line of DC Super Friends/Thomas & Friends MINIS, also in stores this month, will feature:

  • Nightwing/Toby
  • Swamp Thing/Gator
  • Superboy/ Victor
  • Batman/ Thomas
  • Black Lightning/ Dash
  • Star Sapphire/Rosie
  • Krypton Armor Superman/James
  • Batman Beyond/Henry
  • Booster Gold/Dash
  • Red Tornado/ Percy
  • Steel/Hiro
  • Black Hand/Stanley
  • Big Barda/Belle
  • Azrael/Gordon
  • Ice Batman/Edward
  • Boomerang/Diesel
  • D-Shot/D10
  • Bumblebee/Millie
  • Mr. Miracle/Sidney
  • Vixen/Emily
  • Mr. Freeze/Ferdinand
  • Clark Kent Superman/Salty
  • Armor Batman/Scruff
  • Arsenal/Skarloey

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