EXCLUSIVE: DC Reveals Gatefold Covers For "Vibe" & "Catwoman"

These days, it's not uncommon for a comics publisher to hype a villain's threat level with a cover revealing the bad guy towering over their vanquished foe in a pile of rubble. But for at least two of DC Comics' April-shipping gatefold covers, it'll be heroes against heroes instead.

The publisher gave CBR an exclusive first look at the full gatefold covers for April's "Vibe" #3 by Brett Booth and "Catwoman" #19 by Rafa Sandoval.

The solicitation for "Vibe" read "What is the one super power that is more than a match for Vibe and how can it tear the universe apart?" which along with the appearance of time-traveling teen Kid Flash implies more revelations to the dimensional vibration nature of Cisco Ramone's powers.

Meanwhile, Catwoman's text promised "Catwoman needs help-but what is the only place the Justice League of America can take her?" The answer of Arkham adds a new wrinkle to writer Ann Nocenti's story which should tie the feline anti-hero even closer to the world of Gotham City.

Both JLA team members' books are expected in comic shops on April 17 from DC Comics.

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