EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics Celebrates Selfies with August Variant Covers

Each month of 2014, DC Comics has released multiple variant covers throughout their line, centered around a different theme: "Scribblenauts Unmasked" in January, steampunk in February, "Robot Chicken" in March, "MAD" in April, "Batman '66" in May, "DC Collectibles Bombshells" in June and Batman's 75th anniversary in July.

August 2014 solicitations are imminently arriving, and CBR News has the exclusive reveal of that month's variant cover theme -- and it's probably not one you would have expected, though any cursory glance of social media might give you a clue.

That's right: "DC Universe Selfie" variant covers are coming this August.

DC has not yet released any selfie variant images, nor any participating artists -- so feel free to speculate wildly on what might be coming. Batman showing off his abs in front of a bathroom mirror? Superman and Wonder Woman enjoying mimosas at brunch? The Justice League gathering for a star-studded Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars-esque group selfie? Aquaman showing off his sandy feet to brag that he's at the beach? Snapper Carr Snapchatting? It's an exciting time for the selfie-loving superhero fan.

What is known is the list of comics participating, which follows below. DC Comics' August 2014 solicitations are scheduled to be released on Monday, May 19. Keep reading CBR for a look at the selfie variants as soon as they're available.

"Action Comics" #34

"Aquaman" #34

"Batgirl" #34

"Batman" #34

"Batman and Robin" #34

"Batman/Superman" #14

"Catwoman" #34

"Detective Comics" #34

"Earth 2" #26

"The Flash" #34

"Harley Quinn" #9

"Grayson" #2

"Green Lantern" #34

"Green Lantern Corps" #34

"Justice League" #34

"Justice League Dark" #34

"Justice League United" #4

"Multiversity" #1

"Teen Titans" #2

"Superman" #34

"Superman/Wonder Woman" #11

"Wonder Woman" #34

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