EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics Bombshells Art Book and Statue Preview

Fans can't seem to get enough of DC Comics Bombshells, the popular line of statues that has inspired variant covers, a comic series and action figures. And soon it will have its own art book, "The Art of DC Comics Bombshells."

Ahead of its release on Nov. 29, DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive early look at the book, which is jam-packed with commentaries, design sketches and even a preview of what's to come from the ever-expanding line.

In 2013, DC Collectibles launched its Bombshells line with a Wonder Woman statue that looked decidedly different from the heroine depicted in the comics -- between her World War II-era look and pin-up style -- but you could still sense the power of the piece. Before long, the line grew to include the likes of Poison Ivy, Black Canary and a Superman-lifting Power Girl while also inspiring ongoing series "DC Comics Bombshells."

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This new 205-page tome features firsthand accounts of the line's history from DC Collectibles' Jim Fletcher, concept artist Ant Lucia and "Bombshells" writer Marguerite Bennett. Divided into three sections, the book focuses on the statues themselves, the alternate covers and then the comic book. You can check out pages devoted to Zatanna and Sinestro below.

In addition to the peek at "The Art of DC Comics Bombshells," DC Collectibles sent along the latest addition to the statue line, Bumblebee. As you can see from the photos below, the character has that signature Bombshells mix of power and fun as she leaps into the air with pompoms extended.

"The Art of DC Comics Bombshells" hits stores on Nov. 29. The DC Bombshells Bumblebee statue can be ordered now.

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