EXCLUSIVE: Davis Introduces Shazam in "Justice League" #21 Variant

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at "Superman: Earth One" artist Shane Davis' variant cover for "Justice League" #21, featuring Shazam joining the ranks of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the Justice League. The issue by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank serves as the conclusion to the long-running "Shazam!" backup story in "Justice League," and helps clarify the greater role of Shazam in the DC Universe.

"Gary and I wanted to tell a very character-oriented tale," Johns told CBR in 2012 before the backup's debut. "These first ten pages are just a glimpse of who Billy Batson is, and I think starting by playing against expectations was very important for us, but also, his journey from here is central to the book. There's a very big new angle we're playing with Billy Batson and Shazam in particular, and some of that comes out in chapter two in "Justice League" #8, and even more of it will be seen over the first story. But obviously, we're playing totally against expectations to start because Billy Batson has this goodness inside him, but just like every hero has that, we wanted to explore a more multi-dimensional kid. He's had a rough go of it so far, and he's got a lot of road to travel and a lot to learn from here."

Check out Davis' variant along with the black-and-white version of Gary Frank's standard cover. "Justice League" #21 hits stores June 19.

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