EXCLUSIVE: Darrow Gets Small With "Ant-Man" #2 Variant

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at a special variant cover for "Ant-Man" #2 -- by none other than "Shaolin Cowboy" and "Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot" creator Geof Darrow. Darrow's cover sees a pint-sized Scott Lang flying into battle against a massive robotic mantis, all with the artist's trademark meticulous attention to detail.

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Written by Nick Spencer with art by Ramon Rosanas, "Ant-Man" follows Scott Lang's new adventures as the title superhero.

"Scott Lang is an absolute dream character to write," Spencer told CBR. "He's my kind of super hero because he's a good guy at heart. He wants to be a hero. He wants to matter, but he has these self defeating tendencies and inherent flaws that just keep creeping back up."

Check out Darrow's cover below.

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