EXCLUSIVE: Darkseid Reigns on "Batman/Superman" #3 Covers

DC Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at covers for "Batman/Superman" #3 written by Greg Pak with interior art by Jae Lee. Lee's standard cover in his signature style show Darkseid looming his head into the world of the young Superman and Batman, while Patrick Gleason's variant cover depicts an Earth-shattering battle between a young Superman and the Wonder Woman of Earth 2. The issue hits stores August 28.

"I love those classic stories where Superman and Batman are best friends," Pak told CBR before the series' launch. "I can read those all day long! [Laughs] Where they finish each other's words, where they know without saying anything what the other guy's thinking, that kind of stuff is incredibly fun to write. But it's a blast to start at the beginning and see these guys at the point where they first meet and they both think the other is the most dangerous guy on the planet. It's just a really fun place to start."

Check out Lee's standard, alt-colored and sketch cover alongside Gleason's variant below.

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