EXCLUSIVE: "Dark Horse Presents" Grows With Gibbons & Powell

While this past weekend's Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR provided a platform for alternative creators in one of the West Coast's most comics-centric town, the big publishing names of the area broke news as well. Dark Horse Comics Publisher Mike Richardson was on hand at the Fest and announced two new contributors to the company's revitalized "Dark Horse Presents" anthology: Dave Gibbons and Eric Powell.

Dark Horse provided CBR with an exclusive look at Gibbons incoming 8-page story "Treatment" as well as the cover to "DHP" #5 by Powell, which comes from his "Isolation" short story focusing on the trauma experienced by an advanced robot who becomes self-aware while on a 500-year space mission to save humanity.

Richardson spoke with CBR News in December about the relaunch of the title that started his company 25 years ago. "'Dark Horse Presents' is going to be a key publication in our comics line, and will have ramifications for our whole publishing schedule," he explained, adding "We're looking to work with the best talent in the industry...we have a lot of people lined up who aren't in this first issue; in fact, I'm surprised, because virtually everyone I've spoken to about the book has wanted to be a part of it. It's also been rewarding to discover the esteem that the original series was held with."

The now 80-page, full color anthology sees its first issue debut this Wednesday. "Dark Horse Presents" #1, featuring comics by Frank Miller, Paul Chadwick, Howard Chaykin and more, costs $7.99 at comic shops everywhere.

Stay tuned to CBR for more on "Dark Horse Presents," and for more on the releases at Stumptown Comics Fest, check out Robot 6.

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