EXCLUSIVE: Dark Horse Picks Up Gene Ha's Kickstarter-Funded "Mae"

Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Gene Ha's "Mae" has found a home at Dark Horse Comics. CBR has the exclusive first details.

"I am thrilled to be bringing my book 'Mae' to Dark Horse," Ha said in a statement to CBR. "Now I can focus on what I love doing: crafting the tale I want to tell. It's an honor to be backed by the team who gave us Mike Mignola's 'Hellboy' and Eric Powell's 'The Goon.'"

The "Mae" Kickstarter launched on April 24, and made its $22,000 goal in 36 hours. The campaign ended with a total of $75,643 in funding from 1,476 backers, funding a 68-page "Mae" graphic novel written and illustrated by Ha; his first creator-owned work after notable work including drawing the Alan Moore-written "Top 10."

"I want to thank everyone who backed the Mae Kickstarter and helped show that there's an audience for this book," Ha said. "As I've said before, you're the ones who made 'Mae' real."

"Mae" comes to Dark Horse as an ongoing series rather than a graphic novel; something Ha told CBR News he was working towards in an interview last month. "Mae" tells the story of recently reunited sisters Abbie and Mae -- the former returns after disappearing eight years prior, and brings a world of monsters with her.

"From Mike Mignola to Eric Powell to Cullen Bunn and now Gene Ha, Dark Horse continues to push and support some of the best creator-owned work in the industry," Dark Horse editor Daniel Chabon told CBR. "We are all huge fans of Gene's work and are very excited to help put out his 'Mae' as an ongoing series at Dark Horse."

No release date has been announced for Dark Horse's "Mae" series. The Kickstarter-funded "Mae" graphic novel is scheduled to be released to backers in October.

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