EXCL: Daredevil Pays a Visit in Kingpin #3 Preview

For fans yearning for more Kingpin goodness in the wake of "Daredevil" Seasons 1 and 2, look no further than the new ongoing series centered around the ambiguous Marvel Comics villain from scribe Matthew Rosenberg and artist Ben Torres. CBR has the exclusive first look at the third issue of the series -- ahead of its April 12 release -- as the title continues to explore the great depths of Wilson Fisk, and his relationship with a woman, Sarah Dewey, who sets out to write his biography. That is, if Daredevil doesn't get in the way...

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Take a look at the solicit text and preview pages for Rosenberg and Torres' "Kingpin" #3 below, and be sure to sound off with fellow fans in the comments and CBR's Marvel Comics forum!

Written by: Matthew Rosenberg

Art by: Ben Torres

Cover by: Jeff Dekal

BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW! WILSON FISK. People love him. Kids look up to him. His generosity and kindness make him a model citizen. This is the spin…but DAREDEVIL doesn't buy it. As SARAH DEWEY tries to separate fact from fiction while on assignment to pen Fisk's biography, will an OLD ENEMY'S plan to snuff out Fisk change the narrative?

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