EXCLUSIVE: Creating "The Punisher" #1

There's a lot of work involved in the creation of a comic, from the initial concept being worked into a plot to the scripting and direction given to the artists to everything gelling together into a cohesive and entertaining whole. When the final product hits the hands of eager fans, only the end result is seen, with all of the stages leading up to it essentially invisible to the person reading the end result.

With the advent of the collected edition, fans have been given more and more insight into the creative process behind the adventures of their favorite character. However, it's still rare to be able to see this information before the comic actually hits the stands, let alone a highly anticipated launch.

Below, courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents writer Greg Rucka's script and notes for a two-page spread from "The Punisher" #1 along with Marco Checchetto's resulting art.

"The Punisher" #1 explodes into stores tomorrow, August 3.

Pages 15 and 16

This is all strobe-light action, alternating panels lit by muzzle flash with black panels. The black panels needn't be the same size/shape as the "lit" panels, but we might want to toy with this layout a bit, see what works best.

Second point - showing Frank here, but no reveal of the skull. We may want to give him the traditional overcoat so we can use that to obscure the body armor. If we want to not show Frank until the reveal, that's fine by me, too.


MUZZLE FLASH, illuminating LIAM, surprised, half turning, as the CREW MEMBER to his side is being YANKED back behind the bar by FRANK, as FRANK buries his KNIFE into the man's neck, from the side, at the same time. All one move - pull and stab.

Shots are coming in at FRANK, zipping past LIAM. All are missing, but they're making a mess of the bar - shattering bottles, etc.

For the record - and yes, I know, I know, but God is in the details - Frank doesn't slit throats. He stabs throats, the blade entering at the side of the neck, striking at an angle. The move is designed to cut both the trachea/larynx and render the target silent, as well as cutting the jugular/carotid junction, causing a near-instant bleed out.

I say this because Frank knows how to kill well.

Thus, so should we. *evil cackle*






MUZZLE FLASH, multiples, looking at several of the CREW, firing full-auto, at where they think Frank should be. They're scared. Harsh illumination from the MUZZLE FLASH.

FRANK is actually coming up behind one of them, about to put him in a headlock.






MUZZLE FLASH, Almost a stet of three, except FRANK is now holding one of the CREW MEMBERS up, standing behind him. FRANK'S LEFT is leaving the man's jaw, having just TWISTED his NECK, breaking it. FRANK'S RIGHT hand is now controlling the dead man's weapon, and he's spraying the remaining CREW in the panel, emptying the gun into them.






MUZZLE FLASH, LIAM cowering, trying to shield his head with his arms, as CREW MEMBERS are ripped apart by bullets to his left and right.

LIAM is miraculously not being hit; wood chips explode from the bar, glass raining down.

LIAM is screaming in terror.


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