EXCLUSIVE: Comic Strip Heroes Reunite in Dynamite's "Kings Quest"

Dynamite Entertainment is getting the band back together. Specifically, the group of classic King Features Syndicate comic strip heroes: Flash Gordon, The Phantom -- two of them, this time around -- Mandrake the Magician and Prince Valiant, in the four-issue "Kings Quest" miniseries.

"Kings Quest" is set to debut in May, from the creative team of writers Ben Acker ("The Thrilling Adventure Hour") and Heath Corson (DC Comics' "Bizarro" and multiple DC-based animated features) and artist Dan McDaid (recently of BOOM! Studios' "Big Trouble In Little China"). It follows 2013's "Kings Watch" miniseries and last year's "King" crossover; similar Dynamite stories bringing the characters together.

Here's the official description for May's "Kings Quest" #1, which will sport covers from McDaid, Marc Laming, Jonathan Lau, Chris Eliopoulos and Colton Worley and retail for $3.99: "THE PERFECT JUMPING-ON POINT FOR NEW READERS! Join Flash Gordon, TWO Phantoms, Mandrake the Magician, and Prince Valiant on a disastrous intergalactic rescue mission! All they have to do is defeat a limitless alien armada and NOT get eaten by a space jungle. Brought to you by the innumerable talents of Ben Acker (The Thrilling Adventure Hour), Heath Corson (Bizarro), and Dan McDaid (Judge Dredd)!"

Also in May: Dynamite's previous "King" event will be collected in the 496-page "The King Collection" trade paperback, featuring a cover by Darwyn Cooke and a cover price of $49.99.

"When Ming the Merciless launched an all-out assault on planet Earth, the colorful band of heroes known as Kings Watch led the resistance... and triumphed! Now, across the cosmos, in the dark corners of our very planet, and even throughout time, Earth's defenders continue the mission, separate and yet together in spirit! Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Dr. Zarkov, Mandrake the Magician, Jungle Jim, Lothar (in his identity as the new Phantom), and Prince Valiant join friends new and old to face the combined forces of Ming and the all-new, all-deadly Cobra!'

"Kings Quest" #1 is scheduled for release on May 4; "The King Collection" is slated for two weeks later on May 18.

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