EXCLUSIVE CLIPS: "Justice League: Gods and Monsters" Plot Revealed

With the full-length "Justice League: Gods and Monsters" set to arrive in stores tomorrow, CBR News has an exclusive clip from the film to whet your appetite.

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As the feature's alternate takes on Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman look over crime scene photos involving their reality's take on Victor Fries (Mister Freeze) and Ray Palmer (The Atom), the trio come to a surprising conclusion -- someone is attempting to frame the League for murder.

A second clip finds Wonder Woman in a sparring match with Steve Trevor, demonstrating not only her New Gods-enhanced skill and strength, but her temper as well.

"Justice League: Gods and Monsters" is available now on Digital HD; a Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD arrive in stores on July 28. As for whether there's more "Gods and Monsters" in the works once the second series runs its course on Machinima, according to Executive Producer Bruce Timm, that all depends on one thing: how well the movie sells.

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"The shorts have been received really well by people on YouTube and stuff," Timm told CBR News in an interview at Comic-Con International. "People seem to be interested in it so now we just wait and see what the [sales are like]... People get used to a certain thing and they go, "I really like that show," and then all of a sudden, now we're doing a different show and they go, "Nooooo!" So yeah, this is a completely different version of these characters and they're not really nice people, so there's that going into it, too. So it's like whether people will actually find them compelling anyways, or strangely likeable even though they do horrible things sometimes. That's gonna be the trick to see how people respond to them."

"Gods and Monsters" stars Benjamin Bratt as Superman, Michael C. Hall as Batman, Tamara Taylor as Wonder Woman and Jason Isaacs as Luthor. DC Animation veteran Sam Liu ("Batman: Year One," "All-Star Superman") returns as director, working from a screenplay written by Alan Burnett based on a story by Bruce Timm & Burnett.

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