EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Seth Rogen Talks 'Unfilmable' Preacher Pilot

Season 1 of AMC's "Preacher" arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, October 4, and today, CBR has the first look at an exclusive clip that gives some insight into what we can expect from some of the special features.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Seth Rogen calls the initial script for the pilot adapting Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's seminal comic book series "unfilmable," then -- along with fellow executive producer and frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg -- explains how the actors help bring the story to its final product. A lot has been said about "Preacher"s drawn-out, page-to-screen process over the years, so we're guessing the rest of the bonus material will delve into that quite a bit.

Also included in the clip is series star Dominic Cooper giving insight into playing the title character, plus some B-roll of his epic bar fight with the other citizens of Annville. Watch it all below:

And here's a look at the box art for the series:

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