EXCLUSIVE CLIP: "Arrow" Star Paul Blackthorne Talks Laurel's Death

Quentin Lance has seen an interesting evolution over four seasons of "Arrow" as the character has gradually become more clued into the larger world of costumed vigilantism -- and also experienced plenty of tragedy along the way. In this clip --an exclusive bonus from a larger interview in this week's installment of DC Entertainment's weekly promotional series DC All Access -- show host Tiffany Smith talks to actor Paul Blackthorne about the layers that have been added to Captain Lance over the years, plus how he approached the scene where Lance discovered Laurel (Katie Cassidy), his character's daughter, had died.

"There's a weird thing with acting, where it's great if you can surprise yourself," Blackthorne says in the clip. "As I went up to her, there's that denial thing, that grief, y'know? I was touching her, 'Laurel, Laurel what are you doing? Wake up!' I wasn't actually saying it, but I was kind of thinking that, trying to touch her. After, it's like, 'Oh my god, where did that come from?' That's what's going on with the scripts. We've got this wham, bam, stunts and action, but there's places for that. They write such good character stuff, and such good story, that there's a lot to pop out of there."

Here's the latest episode of "DC All Access," freshly released and in full:

"Arrow" airs 8 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW.

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