EXCLUSIVE: Cliffhanger's Campbell, Ramos, Madureira To Reunite At NYCC

Cliffhanger founders Joe Madureira, J. Scott Campbell and Humberto Ramos will reunite at 2015's New York Comic Con.

The artists have shared their plans exclusively with Comic Book Resources, stating that they will take part in four hour-long signings, one on each day of the convention. The trio will also have a new lithograph for sale at the show, featuring their artwork and spotlighting characters from Cliffhanger titles "Danger Girl," "Crimson" and "Battle Chasers." The litho will not be available for purchase anywhere other than at the convention.

Campbell -- whose credits include Cliffhanger's "Danger Girl," Image's " Gen¹³" and numerous Marvel covers -- teased the lithograph art earlier this week via Instagram.

"This idea has been in the works between the three of us for the past two, maybe even three years now," Campbell told CBR. "Things finally started to take shape right after San Diego Comic Con and we've been diligently working away to make this happen since then. It's taken time because we all agreed that we wanted to actually all draw this out on the same art board, and not just composite it all together digitally after. That was logistically challenging because it meant shipping the original art back n' forth between all three of us. It's taken us a while to bring it to fruition but I think the fans will really appreciate that extra level of effort and see it present in the art!"

"This little project is a personal triumph," added Ramos, creator of "Crimson" and upcoming artist on "Extraordinary X-Men" for Marvel. "I've been a hardcore fan of these guys since I saw their amazing work for the first time. That I have the honor to share a label with them, many thanks for that Mr. [Jim] Lee, many thanks. Then I saw them grow to the comic book icons they are now so, this is me again -- the luckiest fan ever hanging out with two of my heroes. Enjoy... this is Cliffhanger."

"Working on 'Battle Chasers' again after so many years still feels a bit surreal to me," said Madureira, whose "Battle Chasers" is eyeing a return as a video game and comic. "And these guys, J Scott and Humberto, were there for the birth of the series. I get that same rush of nostalgia from seeing 'Danger Girl' and 'Crimson' as I do from 'BC.' So obviously, collaborating with them again on these particular characters feels like a pretty momentous occasion. It was a blast, and I hope we can do it again!"

The artists, who founded the Image Comics imprint in 1998 with the launch of their three creator-owned titles, will sign at J. Scott Campbell's booth (#2128) for one hour each day of the show (Thursday at 4pm, Friday at 2pm, Saturday at 11am and Sunday at 1pm). The lithograph, which features color art by Nei Ruffino and designed by Leonardo Olea, will be available for purchase during these times and will be dispersed in limited, equal amounts during each signing session. The remainder will be available for purchase after the convention for those that couldn't attend (details TBD). Prices for the three different prints are:

  • Standard color edition (run of 1000) $60
  • Line-Art only (run of 500) $100
  • Monochromatic (run of 250) $150

New York Comic Con takes place from October 8 to 11.

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