EXCLUSIVE: "Chrononauts" Goes "Lethal Weapon" In Murphy's Latest Variant

Doctors Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly may not yet be too old for this time travel, uh, stuff, but they look it in the latest "Chrononauts" variant cover.

Next week's issue #3 of the new Image Comics series from Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy will be accompanied by a Richard Donner-esque variant cover paying homage to "Lethal Weapon 2." The classic buddy cop franchise served as inspiration for Murphy as he continued to work on the two-man time romp, and he shared an exclusive first look at the cover with CBR.

"This is essentially a buddy story. I really love those," Millar said in a recent interview. "I was influenced here by 'The Man Who Would Be King' and things that are all about friendship. You don't see enough of that -- two adult males who care about each other. It's really fun to write. It's great to have a character who will do anything to help a friend. You see sometimes like with Professor X and Magneto a falling out story, but it's rare to see the two guys who genuinely care for each other. So in this story, we start where one guy goes back to help the other, but then it's just the two of them constantly saving each other's ass."

"Chrononauts" #3 lands in comic shops next week from Image Comics.

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