EXCLUSIVE: Cho, Charest Cover Hitch's "Real Heroes"

Last week, writer/artist Bryan Hitch introduced the world to the individual protagonists of his upcoming Image Comics series "Real Heroes," and today, he shares exclusively with CBR News a pair of variant covers by comic book superstars Travis Charest and Frank Cho.

EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Hitch Creates Some "Real Heroes" with Writing Debut

"It's a fast, fun, MASSIVE story," Hitch told CBR when introducing Tiny Titan, the Olympian and the rest of the "Real Heroes" cast. "And I think it's going to surprise you. Just because the idea is "The cast of 'Avengers' does 'Galaxy Quest,'" don't think you know the story these people have to live through, SURVIVE through. The stakes are enormous and I'm drawing on my whole childhood's reading and my entire career's experience in telling this tale."

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