EXCLUSIVE: Catwoman Takes on Gotham City's Mayor in "Election Night" Special

DC Comics has exclusively provided CBR with the details for "Catwoman: Election Night" #1, a 48-page one-shot hitting stands this fall that will see Selina Kyle get involved with the mayoral election in Gotham City, along with a backup story featuring the title character of "Prez," President Beth Ross.

Written by Meredith Finch and Mark Russell, and illustrated by Shane Davis and Ben Caldwell, the issue promises not only a political satire featuring the fan-favorite Gotham City anti-hero, but a swan song for the critically-acclaimed "Prez," which recently had its planned second run cancelled by DC Comics, in favor of the special.

Take a look at the solicit info and cover for "Catwoman: Election Night" #1 below:


Written by MEREDITH FINCH and MARK RUSSELL -- Art and cover by SHANE DAVIS and BEN CALDWELL -- Variant cover by DAVID FINCH

It's mayoral election time in Gotham City, and while the city is up in arms, Catwoman couldn't care less! But when the candidates get personal, the Feline Fatale decides to get involved-much to the detriment of...well, everyone! This issue contains a special bonus story featuring the return of President Beth Ross from the critically acclaimed PREZ miniseries.

ONE-SHOT • On sale NOVEMBER 2 • 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T

"Catwoman: Election Night" #1 hits stands on November 2.

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