EXCLUSIVE: Cassaday, Calafiore & Purcell Contribute to "The Hellboy 100"

The Hero Initiative's latest 100 Project -- 100 comics with specially-printed blank covers, which are then illustrated by noted comics artists, united by a common theme and auctioned off to benefit the non-profit organization -- focuses on Hellboy, and launches today via eBay. For "The Hellboy 100," artists drew on special copies of "Hellboy and the BPRD: 1952" #1, by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, longtime "B.P.R.D." writer John Arcudi and acclaimed artist Alex Maleev.

"John Arcudi suggested we work with the Hero Initiative to create the 'Hellboy 100,'" Mignola said in the announcement. "I'm glad we could support the important work that Jim McLauchlin and the Hero Initiative does on behalf of comics' creative community."

CBR has the exclusive first look at three of the covers for "The Hellboy 100," including superstar artist John Cassaday, the initial illustrator of Marvel's blockbuster "Star Wars," taking part in the initiative:

Jim Calafiore, most recently of "Red Lanterns," also contributed:

Veteran artist Gordon Purcell rounds out CBR's exclusive look at selected "Hellboy 100" covers:

Beyond the above art, multiple "Hellboy 100" covers from high-profile artists have already been revealed.

Here's the complete list of "Hellboy 100" contributors: Rafael Albuquerque; Kristin Allen; Grace Allison; Gabriel Bá; Art Baltazar; John Beatty; Lucy Bellwood; Dan Brereton; Jim Brozman; Dave Bullock; Chris Burnham; Jim Calafiore; Daniel Campos; Giuseppe Camuncoli; Richard Case; John Cassaday; Victor Castro; Ron Chan; Matthew Clark; Wook-Jin Clark; Ryan Cody; Aaron Conley; Clayton Crain; Jason Dennis; Mark dos Santos; Ben Dewey; Rich Ellis; Cat Farris; Max Fiumara; Sebastian Fiumara; Walt Flanagan; Tony Fleecs; Autumn Fredrickson; Jenny Frison ; Agnes Garbowska; Chris Giarrusso; Ben Glendenning; Sina Grace; Jesse Hamm; Gabriel Hardman; James Harren; Fred Hembeck; Christopher Herndon; Phil Hester; Edwin Huang; Chris Ivy; Drew Johnson; Casey Jones; Tom Kelly; Scott Koblish; Scott Kolins; Rich Koslowski; Peter Krause; Andy Kuhn; Steve Kurth; Ken Lashley; Jeff Lemire; Emi Lenox; Francis Manpul; John McCrea; Ted McKeever; Mark McKenna; Shawn McManus; Yehudi Mercado; Rodolfo Migliari; Mike Mignola; Fábio Moon; Albert Morales; Chris Moreno; Marat Mychaels; Todd Nauck; Mike Norton; Mike Oeming; Michael Oppenheimer; Richard Pace; Jeff Parker; Tony Parker; Hanna Nance Partlow; Khoi Pham; Joe Phillips; Whilce Portacio; Eric Powell; Javier Pulido; Gordon Purcell; Tom Raney; Paolo Rivera; Darick Robertson; Tone Rodriguez; Riley Rossmo; Craig Rousseau; Chris Samnee; Hainanu Saulque; Alex Saviuk; Stuart Sayger; Tim Seeley; Bill Sienkiewicz; Andy Smith; Ryan Sook; Aaron Sowd; Ben Templesmith; Ty Templeton; Jim + Aaron Valentino; Nate van Dyke; Michael Walsh; Jonathan Wayshak; Doug Wheatley; Charles Paul Wilson III; Jim Zub; Chrissy Zullo.

The Hero Initiative's "The Hellboy 100" project launches today on eBay, with the originals scheduled to be auctioned off at a rate of approximately 10 per week for 10 weeks. Launched in 2000, The Hero Initiative is dedicated to providing financial aid to comics creators -- whose freelance status frequently leaves them without health insurance and other benefits -- in need.

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