EXCLUSIVE: Capullo's "Batman" #36 Cover, Reis' "Justice League United" #6 Variant

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Batman" #35, released last week.

Gaze into the not-so-distant DC Comics future with two exclusive cover reveals of books out in November: The main "Batman" #36 cover by Greg Capullo featuring a Joker-ized Superman; and a Rod Reis-illustrated "Justice League United" #6 1:25 variant, part of "The Infinitus Saga."

"Batman" #36 is part two of the "Endgame" story arc, and was originally solicited with a generic cover to conceal issue #35's last-page reveal: The Joker is back, and he's controlling the Justice League.

"This one is meant to be like a kaleidoscopic use of color and art," "Batman" series writer Scott Snyder told CBR of the visual differences between "Endgame" and he and Capullo's last major Joker story, "Death of the Family." "Where the first one was black, horror, grisly; this one is, Joker's just sort of there, taking everything he wants. So there's a sense of scope to it that I think will be reflected in the art and coloring."

"Batman" #36 and "Justice League United" #6 are both scheduled for release on Nov. 12.

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