EXCLUSIVE: Captain America & The Mighty Avengers Take Flight In Young Variant

As the new Captain America, Sam Wilson will feel the weight of the world on his shoulders -- and, as a new variant cover depicts, he'll feel a similar weight pulling on his legs. Marvel Comics has provided Comic Book Resources with an exclusive first look at the Skottie Young variant cover for November's "Captain America and the Mighty Avengers" #1.

Aside from Blue Marvel, who appears on the issue's standard cover by series artist Luke Ross, the entire Mighty crew -- Spectrum, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, White Tiger, Power Man, Luke Cage and Captain America -- gets a youthful makeover courtesy of Young.

The new series picks up where recently concluded "Mighty Avengers" left off and continues Al Ewing's run with this independent team. Ewing expressed his thoughts on his book's new headliner in a previous CBR interview.

"I think Sam's going to make a pretty excellent Cap," said Ewing. "I already had an idea of him as a kind of James Bond figure -- the world's greatest super-agent -- so giving him the Captain America codename and iconography is just the icing on that particular cake. And I think it's good for Captain America, the concept, too -- much as I love Steve Rogers, the idea of Cap has to be bigger than just one person. If Captain America is the representative of the American Dream, there have to be different people in that uniform."

Check out Young's variant cover below.

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