EXCLUSIVE: Cable & HYDRA Cap Battle On "Uncanny Avengers" Cover

Judging by recent covers and solicit info for "Uncanny Avengers," it looks like the big reveal at the end of last week's "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1 will indeed have an impact on his team. The solicit info for "Uncanny Avengers" #13 mentioned that Cable and Captain America will be battling in the pages of the series, and now we can see part of that altercation play out on an all-new cover.

Marvel has given CBR an exclusive first look at the cover for September's "Uncanny Avengers" #14, which shows the teammates locked in battle. The image comes from artist Ryan Stegman and colorist Richard Isanove, and shows that the fight between these two will be intense.

Series writer Gerry Duggan spoke about the impact that Cap's HYDRA affiliation will have on the series in this week's X-POSITION, which arrives on CBR later today. "['Captain America: Steve Rogers' writer] Nick [Spencer]'s got a big story to tell, and The Unity Squad is Steve Rogers' team," said Duggan. "I think it's safe to say that characters will begin making some surprising decisions. I don't think anyone could predict the next year or so of 'Uncanny Avengers.' The surprises begin with our 'Civil War' tie-ins and will continue for quite a while."

"Uncanny Avengers" #14 arrives in stores in September.

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