EXCLUSIVE: Buckler Returns to His Roots in "Deathlok" #4 Variant

Thanks to a central role in the first season of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", Deathlok has spent this year enjoying a return to prominence and a surge in popularity. With the drama returning to ABC tonight, Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Deathlok co-creator Rich Buckler's up close and personal variant cover for the fourth issue of the character's new ongoing series.

The cyborg super soldier's new series hits stands in October. "Deathlok" #1 marks the character's return to the solo series game after 15 years away -- even though this is an all-new Deathlok. "Original Sins" #1 introduced readers to Henry Hayes, the man/machine at the center of writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Mike Perkins' new series.

"Henry struggles to raise his daughter alone," Edmondson told CBR in June. "He is dedicated to helping the wounded, the afflicted. He has no idea he's a one-man army, an instrument of war and espionage." Fans of previous Deathlok incarnations will get a chance to learn more about Henry in the first arc. "The first arc of 'Deathlok' is all about the dichotomy between Henry and Deathlok -- the two lives that will inevitably collide. We press the reader to consider who's really a hero and a villain in the Marvel universe, because Deathlok seems to turn those notions right on their heads."

Check out Buckler's variant cover below.

"Deathlok" #4 arrives in January 2015.

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