EXCLUSIVE: Buccellato Targets Aspen's "All New Executive Assistant Iris"

Aspen Comics has told CBR exclusively that Brian Buccellato is taking the helm of the next series in the publisher's 10 For 10 Initiative. "All New Executive Assistant: Iris," featuring interior art by Pasquale Qualano, debuts September 4.

Best known for co-writing the New 52 "Flash" series at DC Comics with Francis Manapul, Buccellato recently launched "The Black Bat" at Dynamite Entertainment and is the creator and self-publisher of the supernatural crime series "Foster."

Created by David Wohl, Aspen's "Executive Assistant" line has spawned numerous spinoffs, including "Executive Assistant Assassins" and "Executive Assistant: Orchid," "Lotus" & "Violet." Bucellato's "All New" series marks the fourth volume in the line of "Executive Assistant: Iris" books.

In January, Aspen's Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez commented on the company's 10 For 10 Initiative, telling CBR, "While the 10 For 10 is our biggest priority for the year, it's not the only new properties we'll be releasing. We're taking the properties in the 10 For 10 and using them as a springboard for new writers, new creators. There are some pretty big names in the industry that have seen what we've done over here and they like the style of what we do. We've been talking to them for a while and we agreed on some properties we thought would work well with our line."

Check out the covers and solicit information for Buccellato and Qualano's "All New Executive Assistant: Iris" #1 below.


Brian Buccellato: Story

Pasquale Qualano: Pencils

John Starr: Colors


32 Pages

Cover Price: $1

An all-new direction for the Executive Assistant that started it all begins right now!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS is free from the murky past that has haunted her fate and threatened her existence up until this point. Now, with her former master Ching, the mastermind Mazutsu and the CIA a distant memory, Iris will painstakingly discover that the start of a new life for an Executive Assistant can be anything...but free from danger!

Aspen is proud to welcome writer Brian Buccellato (Flash, Black Bat), and penciler Pasquale Qualano (Soulfire: Grace) to the Iris family! Along with colorist John Starr, this incredible creative team is ready to bring you an ALL NEW EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS unlike anything you've ever seen before!

ALL NEW EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS #1 is in stores September 4th, 2013!

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