EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Hitch's "Real Heroes" #2 Cover

In April, Bryan Hitch's "Real Heroes" continues with its second issue, and CBR has the exclusive first look at Hitch's oversized cover. The series centers around fictional Hollywood superstars who play the world's greatest heroes thrust into a situation where they're tasked to become the heroes they play on the big screen. Hitch serves as both writer and artist for the Image Comics series.

"It's a drama to be sure, but it's also, I think, fun and occasionally funny. For me, it's a fresh way of coming at the familiar," Hitch told CBR in November. "We are familiar with superheroes, and by making theses guys actors in superhero roles, it makes them likewise familiar with the same stuff, without coming at the material from the cliched fan or geek perspective. They can become our voice and our way of seeing the difference between the fictional portrayal and what reality would be like if these powers, these threats existed."

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