EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Hitch Teases "Real Heroes" Coming to Image in 2014

A new week has started, and with it, a new teaser image promoting an upcoming comic book series -- this one comes exclusively to CBR News from creator Bryan Hitch.

While deliberately light on information (it is a teaser, after all), the image does reveal the project's title -- "Real Heroes" -- and that it's coming from Image Comics in 2014. Hitch is listed as the sole creator, suggesting that he's handling both writing and illustrating duties. His previous writing credits were limited to the final four issues of his most recent previous series, "America's Got Powers," co-written by Jonathan Ross.

In December 2012, Hitch told CBR he was working on a six-issue series he was both writing and drawing, calling it a "very cool concept" that he was waiting to ship until it was fully penciled.

Keep reading CBR for more on "Real Heroes."

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