EXCLUSIVE: BOOM! Studios' "Kong of Skull Island" Now an Ongoing Series

BOOM! Studios has given King Kong a promotion.

"Kong of Skull Island," written by James Asmus and illustrated by Carlos Magno, has been upgraded from a six-issue miniseries to an ongoing, as revealed Saturday during BOOM! Studios' panel at this weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con.

Based on Joe DeVito's literary property Skull Island, "Kong of Skull Island" (no relation to Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ upcoming film "Kong: Skull Island") debuted this past July, and tells the story of two warring civilizations who are both forced to make Skull Island their home.

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"I wanted to explore the way that fear and desperation creates a haze in which some people will use fear to grab power, while good people might make dangerous choices they could come to regret," Asmus told CBR News earlier this year. "And the Kongs are a big point of leverage at the core of these power games and key survival."

"Kong of Skull Island" #3, the next issue of the series, is scheduled for release on Sept. 14.

"Kong of Skull Island" #3 cover by Nick Robles.
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