EXCLUSIVE: Black Widow, Winter Soldier Grace "Original Sin" Variants [UPDATED]

The team of Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato headline Marvel Comics' upcoming "Original Sin" event, the cosmic whodunnit which will quickly branch out into a number of tie-ins as the Marvel Universe's greatest heroes attempt to deduce which of them journeyed to the Moon in order to kill the Watcher. In other words, this is the House of Ideas' major event for 2014, and when it's over, whoever murdered Uatu will find their lives irrevocably changed.

Jason Aaron Uncovers Marvel's "Original Sin"

Of course, the other half of the story is the information that The Watcher's eyes contain: all the biggest secrets of the Marvel Universe and its denizens. In order to help further the mystery of the One Who Watches' murder, Marvel has planned a series of variant covers/teasers featuring the different heroes under investigation (because it's a murder mystery -- everyone is a suspect). Each suspect is shown holding one of the eyeballs missing from the Watcher's corpse above the tagline "What's Yours?" implying that each character has some kind of major Original Sin.

CBR has the exclusive reveal of two of the images set to grace the covers of a pair of as yet unspecified "Original Sin" chapters, showing the Marvel U's spy couple of Black Widow (illustrated by Stephanie Hans) and Winter Soldier (by Butch Guice) exhibiting rather different emotional reactions to being discovered with Uatu's ocular orb.

UPDATE 2/25/2014 12:30 PM PT: Four more "Original Sin" "suspect" variants/teasers have surfaced this week, with Marvel.com debuting a pair featuring Captain America and Spider-Man, and Newsarama following with Hulk and Iron Man.

UPDATE 2/26/2014: Marvel has released the final two "Original Sin" suspect variants, featuring Wolverine and Thor.

Additionally, here's the breakdown of what variant corresponds to what issue:

"Original Sin" #1: Captain America, by Steve McNiven"Original Sin" #2: Thor, by Agustin Alessio"Original Sin" #3: Black Widow, by Stephanie Hans"Original Sin" #4: Winter Soldier, by Butch Guice"Original Sin" #5: Wolverine, by Marco Checchetto"Original Sin" #6: Hulk, by Paul Renaud"Original Sin" #7: Spider-Man, by Mike McKone"Original Sin" #8: Iron Man, by Jung-Sik Akn

Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 3 #6

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