EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The Latest Black Panther Video, Featuring Bas

Marvel relaunched its "Black Panther" title in the Spring of last year to impressive sales numbers and critical acclaim. The creative team of National Book Award-winning writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artists Brian Stelfreeze and Chris Sprouse have taken dangling Wakandan plot threads from recent series and big events, mixing them with real world politics to create something timely and poignant.

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To promote this title, Marvel started a video series titled “Black Panther: A Nation At Our Feet.” Since May 2016, the release of each issue has coincided with the debut of a short segment that combines Ta-Nehisi interview footage, eye-catching art and a brand new Hip-Hop track. The installments allow the writer to update fans about what is happening in his, Stelfreeze and Sprouse’s impactful arc, while giving Marvel a chance to partner with a wide variety of Hip-Hop acts. Many of the songs used thus far have been exclusive and/or premieres.

Below, CBR present the first look at “Black Panther: A Nation At Our Feet - Part 11,” featuring the debut of a brand new song by Bas (Dreamville) called “Don’t Front.”

Here is a run down of the music featured in each episode of the “Black Panther: A Nation At Our Feet” video series.

Part 1 Run the Jewels - Oh My Darling Don’t Cry

Part 2 Prodigy (Mobb Deep) f/ Mark The Beast - Beast With It

Part 3 Jean Grae - What You Came For

Part 4 Kweku Collins - Kings

Part 5 Czarface - All In Together Now

Part 6 Jeff N Fess - No Fear

Part 7 Flatbush Zombies - Aries

Part 8 Kipp Stone - 100 Black Panthers

Part 9 P.O.S - Born A Snake

Part 10 Lil B - Enter the Depths

“Black Panther” #12 is on sale now. Download the new issue here, or hit your local comic store.

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