EXCLUSIVE: Bill Sienkiewicz's Variants for Elektra, Kingpin


Eisner Award winner Bill Sienkiewicz returns to Hell's Kitchen and some of the Marvel Comics characters who helped make him famous in the mid-'80s. "Elektra" #1, "Kingpin" #1 and "Bullseye" #1 will all feature variant covers by the acclaimed artist, as he revisits the trinity of Daredevil's most dangerous supporting characters.

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Marvel Comics' top assassin moves west in 2017, when the new ongoing “Elektra” series takes the title character across the country, to Las Vegas, Nevada. Written by comic book newcomer Matt Owens, who cut his teeth on the Marvel Universe as one of the writers on Netflix’s “Luke Cage,” and illustrated by Juan Cabal, the series transplants the character from her familiar hunting grounds of Daredevil’s dark and dirty Hell’s Kitchen in New York to the bright lights of Sin City.

EXCLUSIVE: "Elektra" #1 variant cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Ben Torres, Wilson Fisk’s new series will pick up where his recently-concluded “Civil War II”-related miniseries left off, with the Kingpin firmly in control of his criminal empire, and . “Our focus is on telling stories about Fisk and how he sees the world,” Rosenberg recently told Marvel.com. “Daredevil may be Fisk’s most persistent problem, and his biggest, but that’s all he is. So with Daredevil becoming more of a focus in the ongoing series it just means that Fisk needs to find ways to beat Daredevil at every turn. And that’s what our series is. It is a study of Fisk’s most ambitious plan to come out ahead of all the self-appointed heroes who harass him. It’s bigger, nastier, and more ambitious, but it’s still just business.”

EXCLUSIVE: "Kingpin" #1 variant cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Debuting in February 2017, “Bullseye” will be written by Ed Brisson and feature art by Guillermo Sanna. The title will focus on the unrepentant killer attempting to maintain the balance between psychotic murderer and a cool and collected assassin while doing what he does best – killing anyone who happens to cross his path. Check out Sienkiewicz's variant cover, which was revealed earlier in 2016, below.

"Bullseye" #1 variant by Bill Sienkiewicz

Bullseye” #1, “Kingpin” #1 and “Elektra” #1 all arrive in February as part of Marvel Comics' Running with the Devil” initiative. The titles will run parallel stories based on events in "Daredevil" #17, which will find writer Charles Soule and artist Ron Garney address the question of how Matt Murdock regained his secret identity.

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