EXCLUSIVE: Betty & Veronica: Vixens #2

Story by
Art by
Eva Cabrera
Colors by
Elaina Unger
Letters by
Rachel Deering
Cover by
Archie Comics

NEW ONGOING SERIES! The Vixens assemble—Betty and Veronica can’t take down a rival biker gang on their own; it’s time to call in some reinforcements; meet the newest additions to their gang!

“I’m blown away by the positive response received for Vixens #1. And that was only the beginning! Issue #2 is even more fun—you’ll get to meet the whole gang. The Vixens may be led by Betty and Veronica, but it’s not just limited to them; there’s going to be a lot of ladies from Riverdale coming together and it all starts now. Strap yourselves in for some excitement!” – Jamie L. Rotante

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