EXCLUSIVE: "Batwing" #19 Gatefold Teases The New Batwing

DC Comics has given CBR an exclusive first look at the special gatefold cover for "Batwing" #19, which reveals the new protagonist for the series by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Fabrizio Fiorentino. The cover signals the end of David Zavimbe's time under the cowl and the rise of a new Batman Incorporated agent with a new set of armor.

"We felt Batwing was missing a direct and important connection to the Bat Family," Gray told CBR earlier this month. "Speaking from the outside looking in as a reader and a fan, the differences between 'Batman Incorporated' and Batwing (in his own book) felt disconnected, almost as if they were two different people in the same uniform. As a result, we instinctively began looking for a new way to present Batwing -- and as it worked out, we settled on a new person inside the uniform."

The cover is a part of the month-long initiative of gatefold covers, which were intended to be a part of a "WTF Certified" initiative that has since been rethought. Dan DiDio reportedly told ComicsPRO attendees that the previously-released logo would not appear on any of April's gatefold covers "because we don't need it." When approached by CBR, DC confirmed that the April titles will not feature the WTF branding but declined to comment further.

"This was a way to accentuate that threat or shocking moments in our heroes' lives," DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras told CBR in January. "What we're doing with the covers is thematically linked to that. They will be page-fold covers; the covers will tell you a story. There will be an image that will crack the page fold, and as you open up the cover, you'll say, 'Oh, wow!'"

"Batwing" #19 hits stores in April.

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