EXCLUSIVE: "Batman," "JLA" & More Get Monstrous Variants in October

This October, DC Comics' monthly variant covers get a little horrific as the publisher will grace a number of its releases with special monster-themed artwork. CBR News has the exclusive debut of several covers.

Andy Kubert gets swampy for "Batman," while Robbi Rodriguez's "Catwoman" takes a more Frankensteinian approach to the theme. Jenny Frison's "Grayson" variant lurks in the deep, Whilce Portacio vampirizes the "Justice League of America" and Karl Kerschl recruits a new member to the Sinestro Corps.

Check out CBR's first look covers and the full list of artists and issues below.

  • Action Comics #45 by Dave Johnson
  • Aquaman #45 by Michael Golden
  • Batman #45 by Andy Kubert
  • Batman Beyond #5 by Dan Panosian w/ colors by Brad Anderson
  • Batman/Superman #25 by Michael Oeming
  • Black Canary #5 by Michael Allred w/ colors by Laura Allred
  • Catwoman #45 by Robbi Rodriguez
  • Cyborg #4 by Mikal Janin
  • Deathstroke #11 by EM Gist
  • Detective Comics #45 by Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Flash #45 by Gustavo Duarte
  • Grayson #13 by Jenny Frison
  • Green Arrow #45 by Kelley Jones w/ colors by Dave McCaig
  • Green Lantern #45 by Neal Adams w/ colors by Alex Sinclair
  • Harley Quinn #21 by Ryan Sook
  • Justice League #45 by Szymon Kudranski
  • JLA #5 by Whilce Portacio w/ colors by Alex Sinclair
  • Robin: Son of Batman #5 by Ty Templeton
  • Sinestro #16 by Karl Kerschl
  • Starfire #5 by Guillem March
  • New Suicide Squad #13 by Cary Nord
  • Superman #45 by Cully Hamner
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #22 by JP Leon
  • Teen Titans #13 by Aaron Lopresti
  • Wonder Woman #45 by Claire Wendling

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