EXCLUSIVE: "Batman" Artist Greg Capullo Reveals His Rogues Gallery Wishlist

In a CBR-exclusive clip from this week's episode of DC All Access, "Batman" artist Greg Capullo reveals which of Gotham CIty's infamous villains he's not yet had the chance to illustrate, but would really, really like to draw.

"I love big characters," Capullo says in the video. "I was growing up with the Hulk and the Thing, and I did my own character, the Creech. And so, I just love 'em, so when I got to do Clayface, that was a blast. And Bane, I had a little bit of interaction [with the character] in 'Endgame.' I would say, not so much the main superhero characters are what I'd like to get my hands on as much as the rogues gallery!"

Watch the video below to learn which of Batman's legendary villains Capullo would like to see visit his and Scott Snyder's best-selling title.

And here's this week's edition of DC All Access in full:

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