EXCLUSIVE: Avengers: No Road Home Resurrects Two Fallen Heroes

Avengers: No Road Home #5 ended with two major revelations. First, that Scarlet Witch had been transported back to the Hyborian Age by Voyager, where she met with Conan the Barbarian. Second, that both Vision and Hercules had been dispatched by Nyx, the ancient goddess of night, in retribution for Hulk killing her son, Hypnos. While Issue #6 largely focused on Scarlet Witch's adventures with Conan, Issue #7 is shaping up to deal with the fallout from the deaths of Hercules and Vision.

Or is it?

A preview for Avengers: No Road Home #7 reveals that both Vision and Hercules are alive and well. Not only that, the preview reveals exactly how they survived what appeared to be a positively godly blast of sinister energy. Their ace in the hole? Monica Rambeau, the superhero Spectrum.

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Spectrum reveals that the blast intended for Vision and Hercules never actually met its mark. Instead, she used her illusory powers to disguise the two heroes as Nyx's children, Dolos and Apate, in turn disguising the god's children as Vision and Hercules. Thus, the blast actually hit Dolos and Apate, turning them into dust. How will this all tie into Conan's sudden appearance among the Avengers? Aptly, only time will tell.

Avengers: No Road Home #7 goes on sale Mar. 27. Al Ewing, Mark Waid and Jim Zub write the issue. Paco Medina provides the art. Yasmine Putri illustrates the cover.

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