EXCLUSIVE: Avengers #18 Reintroduces the Squadron Supreme's Trinity

The War of the Realms is here, and the odds are not stacked in Midgard's favor. Earth's Mightiest Heroes have assembled, but there's little even they can do against the unending tide of fantasy minions unleashed by Malekith the Accursed. If ever there was time to call in the cavalry, now is that time. As it turns out, they're on their way.

A preview for Avengers #18 reveals that the Squadron Supreme is coming to the aid of not just the Avengers, but also the world. For those who are unfamiliar with the superhero team, the preview introduces each character, though we've yet to see them in action again.

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First up is Hyperion, otherwise known as Mark Milton, who has found a career as an American history teacher in a public school. Second is Nighthawk, who is actually Kyle Richmond, the representative for the District of Columbia. Finally, Power Princess is introduced as the boxer Zarda Shelton, whose magical necklace keeps her super-strength at bay.

The Squadron Supreme was originally introduce in 2015 after the incursions in "Secret Wars" destroyed various universes, funneling survivors (a small number of whom were superheroes to their respective realities) to Earth-616, the home of the Avengers. The heroes among these survivors banded together as the Squadron Supreme, and now it looks like they'll be making their comeback.

Avengers #18 goes on sale April 24. Jason Aaron writes the issue. Ed McGuinness provides art and illustrates the cover.

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