EXCLUSIVE: Artist Trevor McCarthy Reveals His Favorite Aquaman Incarnation

When "Aquaman" returns this week, DC Comics' king of Atlantis will be under the watch of new writer Cullen Bunn and incoming artist Trevor McCarthy. Of course, now that "Convergence" is over, things have apparently changed for Arthur Curry, as the now former monarch finds himself on the run from those he once commanded while his wife, Mera, is sitting on the throne and apparently wants him dead.

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Ahead of the creative team's debut, CBR has an exclusive clip featuring the artist discussing his personal preference when it comes to the iconic DC Comics character's look -- namely, if he's more of a fan of the classic, chainmail look, the hooked hand incarnation or something else entirely.

Check out McCarthy's answer, as well as the latest episode of DC All Access, below.

"Aquaman" #41 arrives in stores Wednesday, June 24.

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