EXCLUSIVE: "Arrow" Brings Back Amy Gumenick as Cupid

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so it's an exceptionally appropriate time to share this news: CBR can exclusively report that Amy Gumenick will reprise her role as Cupid on episode 16 of the currently unfolding fourth season of "Arrow," which will air in March. No further details on her return were available at press time.

Gumenick, a CW veteran who played the young Mary Winchester on "Supernatural," made her first full appearance as Cupid/Carrie Cutter in season three episode "Draw Back Your Bow," before returning later that season as part of the Suicide Squad on "Suicidal Tendencies." The character was created by "Arrow" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and artist Mike Norton and debuted in "Green Arrow/Black Canary" #15, released in 2009 by DC Comics.

"The nature of [Cupid] is she's so unpredictable and drastic and irrational," Gumenick told CBR in Nov. 2014, in advance of her initial appearance on "Arrow." "There really is not much logic. She's very impulsive. For me, to get to play a character that in one episode rides the entire emotional spectrum has been so much fun and challenging. It was an incredible opportunity for me that I hope I get to continue to explore, because I think the possibilities with this character are endless. I'm excited to see where they take her."

"Arrow" airs 8 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW, with tonight's new episode titled "Sins of the Father."

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