EXCLUSIVE: Archaia Takes "Long Walk to Valhalla" with New OGN

Archaia has a long and successful history in world of original graphic novels, and CBR has the first details on the next one on the BOOM! Studios imprint's schedule: "Long Walk to Valhalla," from relative newcomer writer Adam Smith and artist Matthew Fox, who's also illustrating BOOM! miniseries "UFOlogy," which debuted with its first issue today.

"Long Walk to Valhalla" is scheduled for release on July 15, and the publisher compares it to acclaimed slice-of-life graphic novels including "Blankets" and "Fun Home." The creators have discussed the project a bit in the past, but CBR has the exclusive first look at the cover and solicitation for the OGN.

Long Walk to Valhalla HC

Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios

Author: Adam Smith

Artist: Matthew Fox

Cover Artist: Matthew Fox

Price: $24.99

Format: 144 pages, partial color

What's to Love: At Archaia, we are constantly on the lookout for that next special story that moves us, so when "Long Walk to Valhalla" crossed our path, we knew we had something special. This stunning debut graphic novel from writer Adam Smith and artist Matthew Fox weaves a lyrical Southern fable exploring loss, family, and what it means to truly come home. Great for fans of "Blankets," "Fun Home," and "I Kill Giants."

What It Is: There are many things that Rory would like to forget about his childhood growing up in rural Arkansas. Sometimes, he'd even like to forget about Joe, his mentally challenged older brother, both his closest friend and biggest problem. But when a young girl named Sylvia shows up, claiming to be a Valkyrie sent by the Norse god Odin to deliver Rory to Valhalla, he will have to face the past he's tried to lock away.

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