EXCLUSIVE: "America's Got Powers" Teaser Spotlights Tommy Watts

A new "trailer" for "America's Got Powers," provided exclusively to CBR, offers further insight into the minds of the lead character in Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch's upcoming Image Comics title. Namely, the motivation for Tommy Watts as a member the cast of the titular television reality show -- and what he believes his chances are at winning, much less surviving, the experience.

"Initially, Tommy doesn't want anything from the competition, doesn't even want to be part of it," Ross explained in a recent CBR interview. "But as he finds himself taking part -- grudgingly at first -- he changes."

"Tommy is the only kid born of The Bay Event that doesn't have any powers," Hitch added. "He's The Zero. His brother died in the Games and he sells action figures of the guy who killed him. Tommy might have dreams of winning the Biggest Show on Earth, but they're the same unrealistic dreams any kid who holds up a hair brush to belt out as Rihanna song has of winning "Pop Idol." These kids don't have the best lives. Having powers hasn't brought them happy childhoods. If Tommy has dreams of winning, it's only so he can make his life a little better."

Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch's "America's Got Powers" debuts with a double-sized issue for $2.99 in April from Image Comics.

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